Amazon Dry Port

Amazon Dry Port

The Amazon Dry Port is the first and only Dry Port of the Amazonia Occidental with complete and modern infrastructure for the accomplishment of the storage services, movement, transport, customs clearance and delivery of imported or exported cargo.

The Amazon Dry Port possess certification of quality ISO 9001:2008 (International Organization of Standardization), agency that only certifies the companies that meet international standards of quality management systems.

The evaluated questions are: quality of the installations, level of service, conditions of the equipment, security and 24hs monitor services, illumination, cleanness, and others. And these criteria, the ADP is considered one of the best dry ports in Brazil

Quality Policy

  • To take care of the requirements of the customer and the legislation in vigor in the services offered By the Amazon Dry Port;
  • To offer trustworthiness in the services, in order to keep the company in position of prominence at the moment;
  • To improve continuously the effectiveness of the System of Management of the Quality.

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